1 Save me, O God; I sink in floods,
plunged into misery.
My constant weeping brings no help;
LORD, hear and answer me.

2 How countless are my many foes
who hate without a cause.
O LORD, you know the wrong I do
against your holy laws.

3 May those who seek you not be put
to shame because of me.
LORD, for your sake I suffer scorn,
estranged from family.

4 My zeal for your most holy house
has brought reproach and jest.
Foes' vulgar songs about my fate
leave me the more depressed.

5 In full assurance of your grace
I turn to you in prayer.
Deliver me from surging floods;
draw near, reach out in care.

6 Your steadfast mercy, LORD, is good;
hide not your face from me.
Hear my distress and answer, LORD;
make haste and set me free.

7 You know of my reproach and shame;
my heart despairs from grief.
I looked for pity, but I found
no comfort or relief.

8 They gave me bitter gall for food;
I was insulted, cursed.
They gave me vinegar to drink
to quench my burning thirst.

9 Let their own fullness be a snare;
blind them with pain and strife.
Add punishment to punishment,
and blot them out from life.

10 Though I am poor and sorrowful,
O LORD, attend my cry.
Let your salvation come to me,
and lift me up on high.

11 My song of praise to you, O God,
is more than sacrifice.
The LORD still hears the needy ones;
he heeds the prisoners' cries.

12 Let heaven and earth and seas rejoice;
let all that move give praise.
All those that love God's name shall live
in Zion all their days.


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Songbook: Gray Psalter Hymnal

Page: 69

Song key: F

Language: English


Psalm 69; vers. marie J. Post
J. Day's "Psalter,"

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Also Known As:

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© Words: 1987 CRC Publications / Faith Alive Christian Resources (Admin. by Faith Alive Christian Resources)



Key line: Save me, O God; I sink in floods, plunged into misery.

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